Responsive Web Design

I strive to make fast, functional and visually compelling websites

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What do I do?


I am a Full-Stack web developer specializing in creating responsive web applications in Ruby-On-Rails; however, I have a passion for web development of any kind and I am willing to use whichever tools are best for the job. I completed The Firehose Project's Web Development Bootcamp 2 years ago but my interest in programming and all things computers began at a very young age. I built my first website when I was 8 and since then have strived to create fast, responsive, and visually stunning websites and web-applications. I am incredibly confident in my skills with front-end development but prefer back-end devleopment because of my deep love for programming. I am willing to work on any projects: simple business websites, artist websites, scalable web applications like online stores or PWA's, and anything else that runs on the web!
Contact me if you need something built!

Languages & Technologies I Use:

  • HTMLcheck
  • CSScheck
  • Javascriptcheck
  • Rubycheck
  • RAILScheck
  • React.jscheck
  • Node.jscheck
  • C++check
  • Pythoncheck
  • Photoshopcheck
  • Illustratorcheck
  • Premiere Procheck
  • Blendercheck

These are two projects I am very proud of: